Success Stories

A Great Start to 2016

Here's some quotes from some first year students after a few weeks at a Provincial Demonstration School.

"I have only been here for not even two weeks and I'm already starting to improve. I've already moved up a level so I'm really excited!"

"I feel like I'm already learning how to read!"

"It's a really good school."

"It's one of the best things out there for kids with LDs. And you learn a lot too."

"It is awesome!"

"It's a really good school. You learn a lot. And the teachers let you use Mindcraft!"

"I love it."

"The friendly atmosphere is really nice. It's not as nerve wracking as being in a big class."

"It's been really welcoming. All the people are really nice. Everything is really cool. And it's fun."

"It's very inviting."

"It's been very good and I like it here. Everyone is welcoming and very nice. And I wish this wasn't just a one or two year school. I wish it was a forever school."

"It was very fun. There was a lot of learning. And I'm definitely coming back for the third week."

"It's been pretty good. It's been a lot of fun. Residence is amazing!"

"I've been enjoying everything. The best part is the dorm. They keep you busy!"

"I really like the residence and the learning. I know my reading is going to get better."

Provincial and Demonstration schools have been a source of teaching, learning, understanding and respect for decades. Thousands of graduates have gone on to become successful and engaged members of our communities.  Living with a severe learning disability is part of who we are and not an imparement to success. With the resources and teaching methods at Provincial Demonstration schools we learn to read and when you can read you can achieve.  There are hundreds of success stories these are only a few.... follow The Success Stories of Provincial and Demonstration Schools on Facebook to read more!

Lori Kerr, Almonte

I am a retired elementary school teacher - 28 years supporting children with a variety of learning needs as a special education resource teacher AND as a classroom teacher in the Public school system. I also taught for two years at Sagonaska Demonstration School

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Sylvia Cassidy, Napanee, Canada

As a professional, I have seen firsthand the wonderful success that this program brings. Students learn in an environment that cannot be duplicated in a regular school setting with current staff roles and funding. These students, who are severely learning disabled, develop confidence, resourcefulness, and the ability to READ,

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Joyce Mainland, Kelowna BC

I am signing this petition is support of keeping the specialized schools open. As a parent who had their child, who is now an adult, attend one of the provincial schools, I can attest to the benefits not only in her life, but to mine. Within an environment where children who are congregated alongside others facing similar challenges

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Jennifer Behm, Sarnia, ON

I'm signing because I currently have a son enrolled at Amethyst & have seen first hand what a huge difference this makes in his life. The learning environment at the demonstration schools cannot be recreated at their home schools. The teachers are highly specialized, the kids feel their worth & thrive.

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