Success Stories

A Great Start to 2016

Here's some quotes from some first year students after a few weeks at a Provincial Demonstration School.

"I have only been here for not even two weeks and I'm already starting to improve. I've already moved up a level so I'm really excited!"

"I feel like I'm already learning how to read!"

"It's a really good school."

"It's one of the best things out there for kids with LDs. And you learn a lot too."

"It is awesome!"

"It's a really good school. You learn a lot. And the teachers let you use Mindcraft!"

"I love it."

"The friendly atmosphere is really nice. It's not as nerve wracking as being in a big class."

"It's been really welcoming. All the people are really nice. Everything is really cool. And it's fun."

"It's very inviting."

"It's been very good and I like it here. Everyone is welcoming and very nice. And I wish this wasn't just a one or two year school. I wish it was a forever school."

"It was very fun. There was a lot of learning. And I'm definitely coming back for the third week."

"It's been pretty good. It's been a lot of fun. Residence is amazing!"

"I've been enjoying everything. The best part is the dorm. They keep you busy!"

"I really like the residence and the learning. I know my reading is going to get better."

Provincial and Demonstration schools have been a source of teaching, learning, understanding and respect for decades. Thousands of graduates have gone on to become successful and engaged members of our communities.  Living with a severe learning disability is part of who we are and not an imparement to success. With the resources and teaching methods at Provincial Demonstration schools we learn to read and when you can read you can achieve.  There are hundreds of success stories these are only a few.... follow The Success Stories of Provincial and Demonstration Schools on Facebook to read more!


As I sit here and watch the news, or read Facebook... I see that the government is on a route to close demonstrations schools. I cannot speak for SJW but I can for Sagonaska.

I would never have been able to learn what I learned at a demonstration school, in a regular classroom.

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Timothy McLaughlin

Before I Started at Amethyst I could hardly read, and writting forget it. When I stated I was able to go from a grade 1 reading level to a college level reading. The school also gave me the confidence to make friends.

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Bob Giasson

I am so sorry for missing last night's meeting as I so wanted to be there. I questioned the Minister at our AGM earlier this month and asked her the very same questions, and she was just as allusive at that time as she was last night. I iterated to her during the AGM that our son was SAVED by Sagonaska.

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Janet Martin

Our story is similar to so many I've read here on facebook. Our son was assessed by our school board and we were told he had a learning disability. Ok so what do we do next?? Well the board opted to give him a laptop and we were assured that would help him. As far as I'm concerned the laptop was nothing more than a bandaid placed on a broken bone.

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Dana Petko

When I first heard that I could get help for my son, but would have to send him to a residential school, I said, ‘Absolutely not, I’m not sending my son away.’ My son has a severe learning disability in the area of reading and writing; dyslexia to most people. We noticed it in Kindergarten and had been working with his school, Pathways and tutors for years trying to help him learn to read and write. In Grade 5, he switched schools.

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Caitlin Legere

I went to Sagonaska from 2002 to 2004 for my dyslexia, before going to Sagonaska I was at the bottom of all my classes, way behind in grade level. Sagonaska was able to give me the extra help I needed by showing me different accommodations and ways to cope with my learning disability,

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Anya Deacon

My mom first found out I had learning disabilities in reading, writing and math when I was 7. I was 12 when I first came to Saganaska to visit and I told my mom that it was the first time ever, that I felt I belonged anywhere because I was finally the same as everyone else. I had been feeling like a weed between flowers at my other schools, (always the odd one out) and now I felt like a beautiful flower too.

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Stephanie Grenon

I am 25 years old and when I was in grade two I was diagnosed with a learning disability. My reading and writing level didn’t match my grade level. I was falling behind the rest of the regular classroom even with the support of a resource teacher. In my early teens I attended Sagonaska Demonstration School for three years. (Grade 8, 9 & 10)

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Lila Prankie

I went to Sagonaska 10 years ago! This is devastating that anyone would even possibly think about closing such a valuable asset to our society and future generation!

At a young age I realized something was different with me, I wasn't able to read fluently like my siblings and friends. I have a perfect vision and amazing ability to retain information that I heard or seen, but still I was not yet able to comprehend reading.

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Curtis Stillman

I attended Sagonaska for grades 6 and 7. When I came to Sagonaska I had a grade 1 reading level. After attending Sag for two years, I was at a grade 8 reading level.


Sag changed my life forever. Without Sag I would not be attending St. Lawrence College today for Business Administration - Human Resource.

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Barbara Dodd, Milton

I am a parent of former graduated student 2003, and current student in Gr.12 with extend respect to our Deaf PSB students who have been victimized by the education systematic where it need to be reviewed, revised within methodology. Stop robbing their spirits and indentities

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Sylvie Bergeron, Gatineau

Je suis convaincue de l'importance et des bienfaits de garder notre école ouverte. Beaucoup d'enfants pourraient bénéficier des services spécialisés qui y sont offerts.