Success Stories

A Great Start to 2016

Here's some quotes from some first year students after a few weeks at a Provincial Demonstration School.

"I have only been here for not even two weeks and I'm already starting to improve. I've already moved up a level so I'm really excited!"

"I feel like I'm already learning how to read!"

"It's a really good school."

"It's one of the best things out there for kids with LDs. And you learn a lot too."

"It is awesome!"

"It's a really good school. You learn a lot. And the teachers let you use Mindcraft!"

"I love it."

"The friendly atmosphere is really nice. It's not as nerve wracking as being in a big class."

"It's been really welcoming. All the people are really nice. Everything is really cool. And it's fun."

"It's very inviting."

"It's been very good and I like it here. Everyone is welcoming and very nice. And I wish this wasn't just a one or two year school. I wish it was a forever school."

"It was very fun. There was a lot of learning. And I'm definitely coming back for the third week."

"It's been pretty good. It's been a lot of fun. Residence is amazing!"

"I've been enjoying everything. The best part is the dorm. They keep you busy!"

"I really like the residence and the learning. I know my reading is going to get better."

Provincial and Demonstration schools have been a source of teaching, learning, understanding and respect for decades. Thousands of graduates have gone on to become successful and engaged members of our communities.  Living with a severe learning disability is part of who we are and not an imparement to success. With the resources and teaching methods at Provincial Demonstration schools we learn to read and when you can read you can achieve.  There are hundreds of success stories these are only a few.... follow The Success Stories of Provincial and Demonstration Schools on Facebook to read more!

Laura Steele

I was a teacher for 15 years with a Teaching Certificate from Ontario Normal Teachers School, 1953.  Over the years I saw many pupils that needed special classes and how they were able to progress from these classes.  Years later, my grandson was one of these children.  He was fortunate in that he was able to qualify to go to Trillium Demonstration School.

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Andrew Gray

My time at Trillium has played a huge part of who I am and what I have ccomplished in life.  It was life-changing; I mean that in the literal sense.  It changed my life for the better.  I am afraid to think of where I would be now if I did not attend Trillium Demonstration School.

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Dyana Rodrigues De Almeida

My name is Dyana Rodrigues De Almeida. When I attended Trillium Demonstration School I was known as Dyana Rodrigues I was there from September 2005-June 2007. I don’t even know where to start; I was born into a Luso Canadian family in Toronto, where growing up at home we mostly spoke Portuguese. The English spoken at home was mostly with my mother while she helped me with my homework she knew how to do and with my much old sisters (18 and 15 years apart).

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Mat Petersen

My name is Mat Petersen and I attended Trillium Demonstration School from grade nine to ten in the years from 2005-2007. I was diagnosed with a severe learning disabled and dyslexia, I was reading at about a grade three level when I was assessed before attending Trillium. I’m writing to you today with the understanding that the school is in danger of being closed down.

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Sarah Pike

sarah pike2

My name is Sarah Pike and I used to be a former student of both Sagonaska and Trillium schools during the two years that I was privileged to have in 2005-2007. I am writing to you today in regards to the debate of all demonstration schools closing. I am truly devastated that anyone who would want to take away such a beneficial asset to our society,

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Tyler Cunningham

tyler cunninghamMy Name is Tyler George Cunningham, and I am extremely fortunate to be a graduate of Trillium Demonstration School.

It not only changed my life, it likely saved my life.

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Ben Lackey

I am a former student of Sagonaska, which is one of Ontario’s demonstration schools. I am also a university graduate, with a BSc. Honours in Physics, and minor in mathematics. I managed to obtain my degree even though; I have two diagnosed learning disabilities.

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Joshua Martin

I have heard you are interested in the demostration schools and how much they have helped students over the years. I am proud to say I am one of their many success stories.

I attended Sagonaska in Belleville for grades 6-7.For years at my hometown school in Hampton Ontario I was given an IEP and received my laptop in grade 3. This new technology was supposed to help me with my school work, but it only frustrated me more.

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Nancy Boulton

I went to Sagonaska for 2 years. Grad 7 & 8 to be specific. It's been a very long time since then. When I went, my LD was language-based. I wasn't great at reading, spelling or understanding the written word...

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Christopher Grenon

I am 22 years old and I have a learning disability. My grade school experience was horrible. I was bullied because I have a learning disability and would be taken out of class for help. My classmates thought I was stupid. Teachers did not have the time (because of classroom sizes) and the specialized training to deal with my learning disability;

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Jeanne Hassall

Hello my name is Bettie-Jeanne Hassall, and I am 22 years old and I have a learning disability. I found out in grade three that I have a learning disability. I struggled with reading and writing. In grade three I would be taken out of class to work in smaller groups. This helped a little but did not improve my reading or writing skills.

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I attended Sagonaska school for two years of my life, I enrolled at the school in 2013, at this point in my life I was 14 years old going into grade 9 and could only read in a grade four reading level, I hated school, it seems like a bold statement to say but it was true, my entire education experience prior to going to Sagonaska included, sitting in the back of the room with the blue folder writing worksheet after worksheet by myself

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