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UPDATE - Human Rights Tribunal

update stamp 300pxApril 28, 2016

We would like to inform you of additional information regarding the Human Rights Tribunal.

Please understand that you have up to one year after the "Act of Discrimination" took place to file an application with the HRTO.

Once you file  your application and it has been looked over by the HRTO it will be submitted on your behalf to the party who you have listed as "Committing the Discriminatory Act" - In our case this would be the Ministry of Education, or specifically the Minister of Education, Liz Sandals.

The HRTO will review your application to ensure it is complete. They will either proceed with the application or they will contact you for more information or to complete the file. If they ask for more information and you do not provide it in a timely fashion they will mark your file as incomplete

Once the Ministry of Education received your application they will have 35 days to respond to you in writing.

If you are not pleased nor agree  with the response you receive you can advise the HRTO to proceed forward with a hearing.

Since the Minister has agreed to keep the school open for one year there might be some changes required to your application if you have already filed.

  • If you have filed an application and your child is accepted for their first year or perhaps given a second year at a demonstration school- your application is no longer valid.

  • If your child is not accepted to attend a demonstration school in the fall of 2016 or you are not given the opportunity to complete a second year-we encourage you all to keep your application in process.

  • For all parents and children who have had the opportunity to spend two years at a demonstration school you will be able to file an application with the HRTO when (if) the Minister of Education closes these schools.

    All families have access to the resources and staff at demonstration schools after their child has graduated from the program to ensure that learning continues. Resource staff can advocate on your behalf, visit your child at their home school and ensure that their current teacher is providing them with all tools and accommodation as per their IEP. 

    If these schools close then the link to demonstration schools is no longer available, and your child will no longer be supported by Demonstration school staff. If and when this occurs you will have a valid claim to submit an application to the HRTO.

  • If you are granted one year at a demonstration school and the schools close in 2017- take your application, edit it, add all additional information, link all additional documents, change the dates and re-file the application as your child will no longer have access to these programs and resources.

What is the Minister of Education Planning for Fall 2017?

  • Will Demonstration Schools remain open?
  • Are they going to implement new programs similar to what they currently offer at Demonstration Schools? 
  • Are these programs proven programs- Evidence based?
  • Are teachers going to be given additional training?
  • Are teachers able to accommodate my child? 
  • Are my childs' needs going to be met?
  • Will my child succeed?  
  • Will my child fall further behind?
  • Are they increasing the amount of testing available in Home School Boards?

These are all points that you will need to consider when you submit an application for 2017.

We do not know what the Ministry of Education is planning but we do know that accessible education is a right of all children living in the Province of Ontario. If the Ministry is not meeting the needs of children with severe Learning Disabilities then they are being discriminatory, and your children deserve better.

If you need more information please contact: 

Human Rights tribunal of Ontario
655 Bay Street, 14th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2A3
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Information can be found at Administrative Justice Support Network