gavelOur Human Rights Ontario Application

In the face of the potential closure of Provincial Demonstration Schools, families of children with severe learning disabilities have come forward to challenge the Minister of Education. Access to education is a right and there are no effective supports at school boards to provide the kinds of evidence-based learning available at Provincial Demonstration Schools.

There was a lawsuit filed by 16 students against the Ministry of Education and Minister Liz Sandals a few weeks ago. The Ministry was served and can therefore not comment on the issue as it is before the tribunal.

The students range in age from 9-14 years and the total filed is 12.8 Million dollars.

NON-MONETARY RESOLUTION: It is not about money- it is about changing the system to ensure that all children are provided with accessible education, that children are given the opportunity to be tested so they know what their disabilities are and about removing the caps on provincial demonstration schools so that more children have access to these programs.

The schools that they all attended prior to attending a Demonstration school have publicly admitted that these children have exhausted all resources and there are no programs available.

We are awaiting a response from the MOE as they have 30 days to respond the the HRTO filed claims.