Ministry of Education

Learning Disabilities Reference Group

In early 2016, the Ministry of Education consulted education and community partners to explore ways to provide a range of quality programs and services that best meet the needs of students and families. The scope of the consultation included the three English-language and one French-language demonstration schools. During the consultations the Ministry of Education received feedback about the programming and supports available to students in their local school boards. In order to build capacity in school boards to support students with learning disabilities in reading, the ministry will work with an external research team to conduct pilot projects.

The pilot projects will support English and French students who have learning disabilities in reading by implementing practices proven effective in Ontario's provincially-run demonstration schools. The three-year pilots will begin with English-language public and Catholic school boards in the Cambridge, London, Sudbury and Windsor areas in the 2016-2017 school year. Similar pilots will be established for French-language school boards beginning in the 2017-18 school year. As part of the pilot project, research will be conducted to help school boards better understand the needs of students with learning disabilities so they can provide more effective programming in their local communities.

The role of the Learning Disabilities Reference Group will be to support the pilots through members’ diverse perspectives, knowledge and experience of students with learning disabilities.

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