Summary November 2016

2016 NovMost of the morning consisted of Welcome and introductions of all the people around the table as well as a small presentation by Anita Bennett on "Knowing Our Learner". Anita discussed the profile of an LD learner, the consultation report and the themes that emerged from it as well as the next steps with respect to the Pilot Project. We received a packet outlining the Programsand Services at the Provincial Demonstration Schools as well as a Summary of the Pilot Board Submissions. The total for the budget submissions is $1,524,704.20.

We then discussed the Terms of Reference and agreed that some of the language in the document will need to be assessed. We then viewed a "Research Overview" by Dr. Rhonda Martinussen, Associate Professor of Special Education and Adaptive Instruction, Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study and Department of Applied Psychology of Human Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Objectives and timelines were discussed.

After lunch the group separated into 3 groups to have table discussions around the following 4 areas and how we could help the pilot boards in these areas:

1. Early recognition of learning disabilities in reading
2. Reading interventions
3. Use of technology and training (students and teachers)
4. Support for social/emotional development

Group findings with the group as a whole.

The day was wrapped up by deciding on the dates of the next two meetings which are in January and April 2017.