2017 Campaign for Demonstration Schools

Help us make these schools known in the Province of Ontario as exceptional Educational Options for children with Severe Learning Disabilities!

We encourage you to review the documents resources below.  Post information at your workplace or share electronically with your colleagues, students and families to ensure that Provincial Demonstration Schools are considered as an option to teach children struggling to learn how to read.


Campaign Cover Letter (266 kb)


 Poster letter

Awareness Poster - Letter sized (4.9 MB)

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PDF of our PowerPoint Presentation (37 MB)

Links to useful videos:

Presentation materials with narration

Demonstration Schools Make a Difference

From the students:

What was it like at your home school?

What is helping you the most?

What tools are you using to help your learning?

What is it like living in residence?

How does the school help in other ways?