OPSEU Rally in support of Provincial and Demonstration Schools a great success!

OSEU Rally

Many parents and supporters from across the province have been speaking publically about the success of these schools and creating awareness since the Minister of Education announced the consultation process back in February. On April 14, 2016 the Minister of Education announced that the schools will open in the fall of 2016; but she could close them as early as June 2017.

Over the last few months Provincial Demonstration Schools Parent Councils have been working together to ensure that key messaging is passed along to concerned citizens, school boards across the Province, as well as all stakeholders and members of the Media. They will continue to push the following issues:

  • To ensure that Demonstration Schools remain open for future generations
  • To allow more children to attend the schools ( by lifting the enrollment caps)
  • To provide all teachers with the appropriate training, tools and resources to ensure learning can take place in all classrooms across the Province regardless of disabilities.

Provincial and Demonstrations Schools set the Gold Standard in teaching children with learning disabilities across the province. They use a program called EMPOWER; which was developed by Sick Kids Hospital and has been used for many years. Children thrive using this program as it is both taught in school and it is reinforced throughout the entire school day. Most Children gain between 3-6 grade levels withing one year at Demonstration Schools.

OPSEU continues to work and fight alongside the Parent Council. They planned these rallies today and they will continue to ensure that key messaging is being sent out across the province. OPSEU has coordinated a radio campaign, a postcard campaign and will continue to provide supports and resources moving forward.

There were MPPs on site at many schools ; which shows us that they will also continue to stand beside us in solidarity to ensure that all children across the Province of Ontario have accessible education .